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We believe that people should have an intimate relationship with God by believing with their heart and confessing with their mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord. We value Christ above all, because He is above all.

Romans 8: 8-10


We believe that every athlete should be committed to being the best person and teammate he or she can be.

Proverbs 16:3


We believe that being a great athlete is not more important than having great character. We value teaching young athletes to value integrity and to never cheat the game.

Romans 5:3-5


We believe that every athlete has a God-given purpose in life, and we want to build their character, competitive nature, commitment, and his or her relationship with Christ in order to achieve that purpose.

Romans 8:28


We believe that every athlete should maximize his or her full potential in every sport by working hard to give their all individually and as a team.

2 Timothy 2:5


  • I will show respect to all coaches, game officials, parents, teammates, and opposing players at all times, and will never act in a manner that is disrespectful to them or my team.

  • I will demonstrate good sportsmanship regardless of the score or situation by acting in a positive manner towards coaches, officials, and other players.

  • I will help to clean the gymnasium/bench area at both home and away games.

  • I will display good sportsmanship and a commitment to my team at all times.

  • I will shake hands with the other team and officials after games.

  • I have read and will also abide by the 10 rules for players in the Expectations document.

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